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Space Probe Taurus

Stoner / garage / psychedelic rock band from Karlstad, Sweden.

Sjöberg - Vocals & Guitar,
Tömte - Guitar & Backing Vocals,
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals,
Boman - Drums & Percussion


Biography (from the band's facebook):

"We started out back in 1992 under the name Snake Machine and it was our aim to play loud and dirty as hell garage rock in the vein of Mudhoney, The Stooges and Monster Magnet. The early years served more as a learning period for us in the band and after a short trip into space rock inspired territory we ended up with the sound we have to this day. With the refined sound we also decided to change the name of the band, so in early 1997 Space...

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Skraeckoedlan play music that is groovy and heavy, with mostly all of the lyrics in Swedish. The reason for that is that they think that it gives ananother dimension to the sound and psychedelicness.

In late september 2009, Skraeckoedlan recorded their first EP, "Flykten från tellus" (the escape from earth) in the Bombshelter studios in Örebro, with Oskar Cedermalm of Truckfighters as producer / technician.

It's a 5 track EP with an abstract concept about the environmental issues going on, with the polar ices melting, leading to a big horror lizard being awaken from the ice, and beginning to demolish the earth.
And that is also what the name Skraeckoedlan means, horror lizard.

Skraeckoedlan released...

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