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Anders Norudde

Anders Norudde has been a prominent character in Swedish Folk music since the Mid-Eighties. He plays numerous traditional instruments and combines the musical heritage of Sweden with modern technique and personal touch. Anders Norudde is most famous for being one of the members of Swedish Folk group Hedningarna. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Matti Norlin

Matti Norlin, born 21 dec 1972 in Hoting, Sweden, grew up listening to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Rickard and other rythm and blues artists. By the age of ten he picked up his first guitar and it didn´t take long until he sang and played Heavy Metal with some other kids from the same village. As teenagers they recorded two E.P.s, the first was done in 1986.

1991 Matti bought an LP with Robert Johnson and a whole new world opened up. The focus of the exercises was changed from distorted Heavy Metal riffs to acoustic finger-picking, and since then, Matti has almost exclusively devoted himself to music which was recorded for over eighty years ago in the southern United States.

After finishing school Matti had a short c...

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Incorporating modern instrumentation and imaginative improvisation, Groupa has taken a contemporary-minded approach to the folk music of Sweden. Led by drone fiddle, viola and accordion player Mats Eden, the group has been at the forefront of the Swedish folk revival for more than two decades. While Rock'N'Reel magazine claims that Groupa "will challenge people's preconceptions of Swedish music", Roots World suggest that the band "achieves near perfection as they go further afield without leaving the ancient muse behind". In an early 1990s interview, Eden explained Groupa's objective when he said, "each of us has in his own way been searching for new means of expression within the range of traditional music." Having deep knowledge of...

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