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Promise and the Monster

Promise and the Monster is the moniker of Billie Lindahl, a singer-songwriter from Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden who has made her rounds in twee pop (Carmine St.) and post-rock (Shore for Shelters). The debut ep Antarktis hit the stores in summer 2007. The debut full-lenght album Transparent Knives was released September 19, 2007 on Imperial Recordings.

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There are al least three bands named Norma:

1) a swedish trio,
2) argentinian one (normA) coming from La Plata city and
3) electronic music duo NORMA from Moscow.

1) The swedish trio plays a mixture of ambient, kraut, noise, electronica, indie with a strict, repetitive bass/drum pattern and a magnificent, wide and almost hypnotic sound.

2) While the argentinian band is basically a psychedelic and indie rock band who plays sonic guitars, repetitive and sickness voices, having a simple actitude and posse but complex thoughts. They deal with contradictions and use them to paralize your mind and shake your body. Listem them at purevolume, buy they albums at [yrl=

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Everyday Mistakes

Everyday Mistakes is a swedish pop band currently situated in Stockholm. The band is centered around founder, singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Mattias Malm. Other present members are:

Olov Antonsson - Lead guitars.
Calle Thoor - Drums, guitars, slide, ebow, loops, percussion, etc.
Frida Danielsson - Trumpet & percussion.
Billie Lindahl - Guitar, vox, keys, etc.
Josef Ringqvist - Bass, Logan, loops, etc.
Ivar Lantz - Violin, logan, keys, samples & loops, etc.
Rebecka Nygren - Vocals etc.

Everyday Mistakes sound like the Sound of young Kyrkvägen or like Poe desperately crooning from his grave to the sounds of jangly twelve string guitars, drums like bolting horses running toward...

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