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Aidonia (JM)

Hardcore and innovative aptly describe the persona of the artiste known as Aidonia. When scanning through radio stations it is impossible not to hear his songs. The ladies adore him and men give high ratings to the lyrical flow of Aidonia aka lyrical king.

Born Sheldon Lawrence in1981, he is the second of four children for his mother a teacher and his father an ex-soldier. His close-knit family instilled in him his morals and values and from his friends he gained street knowledge. He attended Mona Heights Primary then moved on to Meadowbrook High School where his love for music began.

After watching a tape of Sting 1993 with the infamous clash between Beenie Man and his icon Bounty Killer his mind was set on becom...

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Deablo (UK)

Deablo has been writing and producing under that name for the past 9 years. He has come up with a sound that is fresh and unique and is set to set the UK charts on fire.
Critics are calling this Album and absolute masterpiece and claim he has giving the UK scene something to Fear. Brendan Mc Keown from the Mirror says" Everybody is a real radio friendly pop tune that everybody can listen to. With a laid back beat and supremely catchy chorus it has summer hit written all over it."
He has completely revised what UK hip Hop can be and has managed to Infuse Indie, Rap and Acoustic Melody Flawlessly and it has to be said that Deablo is one of the Best Lyricists in the UK and clearly has big things ahead of him. He wrote his first ra...

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