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The Valottes

The Valottes are a Swedish - English indie rock act.
Since their formation The Valottes grabbed media attention fast, within 6 months of being together they opened for Swedish New Wave outfit Melody Club.
With influences taken from classic british pop bands and references from bands like The Strokes, the blueprint for The Valottes was made after Londoner Dennis met guitarist Micke Löfgren at a party, they became good friends. Drummer Konrad Grahn joined soon later and finally Eirik Lund was added to the lineup on bass after meeting backstage at a gig in the small town of Hässleholm. In the summer 2012 The Valottes played Siestafestivalen which included Death cab for cutie and The Hives after getting a telephone call from the ...

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Stars in Coma

Stars in Coma is the brainchild of songwriter and producer André Brorsson. Since its formation in 2006, this Swedish band has released a prolific stream of albums and EPs, and toured several countries in Europe. Brorsson's home-cooked productions draw inspiration from a variety of genres, including guitar rock, disco, funk and semi-electronic pop. The band shares kinship with weirdo-poppers such as of Montreal and Ariel Pink, but it is also possible to pick up melodious echoes from British bands Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths.

US indie music site Obscure Sound called the band's sound a mixture between "ABBA’s orchestra-laden and punchy pop to the idiosyncrasies of contemporary Swedish songwriters, like Jens Lekman and Eric ...

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The Camisards


Dolly Dolores & The Bue Flu