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Crucifyre is an old school Swedish death metal band formed in 2006.

In the winter of 2006 the flame was lit. Yasse Hillborg formerly of the death metal band Afflicted decided it was time to gather some old fiends and play some corpse ripping, nun raping, priest fucking, hellish sounding bursts of cisum. He recruited Patrik Nilsson (Concrete Sleep) and TG previously in Morbid. After a few rehearsals the Thessalonian Death Cult demo was recorded. In early 2008 Erik “Tormentor” Sahlström (Serpent Obscene, General Surgery a.o) joined the band on vocals and another demo, Hellish Sacrifice was recorded with Tobias Sillman (Vicious Art) as session guitarist. In 2009 Crucifyre finally got a steady line up with the addition of Urban Sk...

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