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I Declare War (US)

I Declare War is a deathcore band from Seattle, Washington currently signed with Artery Recordings and have four full-length albums released and even a Christmas special EP.

Jamie Hanks- Vocals
Gordon McPherson - Bass
John Winters - Guitar
Colin Bradford - Drums

Former members:
Christopher Fugate - Guitar
Evan Hughes - Guitar
Ryan Cox - Drums
Brent Eaton:Bass
Zack Ring: Bass
Randy Carpenter:Drums
Jake Paulson:Guitars
Jonathan Huber:Vocals

For Seattle’s I Declare War, one of the new heavyweights in the deathcore scene today, there are conflicting stories as to where the band’s name actually originated from. All five members can agree that hip ho...

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Martyr Defiled (UK)

Controversy is rarely an attribute to be proud of, but death metal juggernauts Martyr Defiled have honed it into an art form - quickly becoming one of the most talked about underground bands in the UK. Creating an intense blend between the anger and passion of the hardcore scene of the early 2000s with the blackened death metal stalwarts of Dark Funeral and Behemoth, Martyr Defiled hit the ground running. Emerging from a convoluted English death metal/hardcore scene in 2007, Martyr Defiled were quickly picked up by the legendary Leeds-based Thirty Days Of Night Records and released their debut EP in February 2009. This sold out of its limited 1000 unit pressing over the next 6 months, aided strongly by supporting tours with All Shall Per...

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My Autumn (RU)

My Autumn is a Russian deathcore band from Saint Petersburg. The band formed in 2007 when from the ashes of two unknown bands gathered into one. After many members changes and a long search for their own sound, the band released their debut EP Inexpressible Words in 2008.

Touring History:
-Numerous tours over Russia \ Belorussia \ Ukraine (around 150 shows in 4 years)
-3 tours over Europe:
1. European tour in 2009 (Finland, Baltic region, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands,
Austria, Czech)
2. European tour in 2010 w/Smashed Face (Hungary, Italy, Swiss, Germany, Netherlands,
Belgium, Czech)
3. European tour in 2011 w/Betraying the Martyrs (France, Poland, Czech, Germany,
Swiss, Austri...

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Boris the Blade (AU)

Boris the Blade is a five piece death metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Since releasing its debut EP Tides of Damnation in 2011, Boris the Blade has demanded attention across Australia and internationally, known for punishing blast beats, bone-crunching breakdowns and powerfully disturbing lyrics. Boris the Blade has destroyed all boundaries of the Australian metal music scene. They released their debut full-length album The Human Hive in May 2014.

Daniel Sharp - Vocals
Coby Chatz - Bass
Josh Lording - Guitar
Cameron Eyre - Guitar
Karl Steller - Drums Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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