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Dawanggang (CN)

Dawanggang is the Chinese folk fusion band, self-positioned as "Image and Sound Theatrical Troupe". Since 2009, Dawanggang is the band name of solo artist Song Yuzhe, who has been an important member of the independent Chinese music scene for the last ten years. Song Yuzhe was the founder of the band Wood Pushing Melon in 1998. In 2002, Song Yuzhe left the band and began traveling extensively in Western China, turning his attention to folk music. In Dawanggang he is on vocals, eight string banjo, and citten. Other members are Xiao He (on the horse-head fiddle from Inner-Mongolia), Adil (on the ghijak, a vertical violin from Xinjiang and the Uighur people), Yang Ji (on dance, vocals and different sounds and percussions from Tibet), Tato (...

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