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Brus, knaster och samplingar

Vit Fana


The berlin based swede Klara Andersson creates exciting music under the name Fågelle that moves between performative sound art, noise and pop. She builds sound worlds that are ultimately unique and inside these worlds she explores meeting points between art and pop, music and poetry, scraping sounds and big emotions. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Lars Tängmark

Lars Tängmark was born on christmas day 1972 in Sollefteå, Sweden. In 1987 he learnt to play bass guitar and formed his first rudimentary band. In 1988 he was a founding member of the Wounded Meadow, an atmospheric synthpop band that exists to this day. In his late teens Lars developed an interest in extreme Metal and became involved in bands like Dawn and the Choir of Vengeance. It was when the Wounded Meadow became less active in the late 90s that Lars started to record as a solo artist, now with a decidedly non-metal approach. His first outing was the CDR-album "Intervention" in 1999 and a year later came the second album "Revolutionaire". In 2001 Lars recorded the "Winds of Change" album as Lost in the Woods (later re-released as "La...

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