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Megiddo (CA)

There are at least 4 bands named Megiddo.

1) Canada’s Megiddo would spring up from nowhere to release the critically acclaimed “The Devil And The Whore” in 2000. Megiddo play aggressive “old-school” black metal clearly influenced by the first wave. With a head crushing tone and a certain flare for catchy yet purpose-driven songwriting, to most ears, Megiddo sounds fresh in an era of clone bands.


Hymns To The Apocalypse Demo, 1998
The Heretic Demo, 1999
The Final War Best of/Compilation, 1999
The Devil and the Whore Full-length, 2000
Apocalyptic Raids Split, 2001
The Atavism Of Evil Full-length, 2002
Blessed by the Goat/Sadomatic Rites Split, 2003

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Unpure is a Swedish black metal band formed in November 1991 in Nynäshamn by Hräsvelg and Kolgrim, who form the core of the band.

Over the years several guitarists have joined and left the band, including Åberg, Vic, Surth (known from Svartsyn), Poock, John Blackwar and Stormbringer (from Imperious) with Hräsvelg playing the drums, Kolgrim the bass and both sharing the vocal duties. In late January 97, Unpure started rehearsing with a session drummer Jonathon as Hräsvelg moved to take over the guitar duty, in preparation for a European tour which got cancelled. Jonathon remained on the drummer's seat however.
The current and most stable line-up thus is:
Hräsvelg: Guitars, vocals
Kolgrim: Bass, vocals

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Possession (BE)

There are four artists under the name of Possession:

1. A Black/Death metal band from Belgium. Formed in 2012.

2. A Kansas-based thrash/death metal band from the early to mid- 1990's. They have 3 releases: The Unnameable Suffering; Eternally Haunt and Scourge & Fire. Some of the members would go on to form Frost Like Ashes.

3. An Austrian death metal band

4. Experimental/industrial band from UK, the first group of Stephen Thrower of Coil fame. In 1980, he formed Possession with Victor Watkins and Anna Virginia War (a.k.a. Ultrasound's Tiny, now recording as SIREN). They released one album: The Thin White Arms, Obtusely Angled At The Elbow, Methodically Dipping An...

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