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High Time

The Movements

In Sweden around year 2000, there were a lot of people rediscovering sixties garage rock bands such as The Sonics, The Seeds and other similar bands. A revival started, and a lots of new Swedish groups started to pop up. The Movements came along 2001, as one of the groups that tried to bring this music into the future. Inspired not only by the psychedelic music from the sixties but also by kraut rock, space rock, punk and all forms of contemporary music, they have come to create a very dynamic sound.

Early on the band began to get a buzz for being a wild live act at clubs in their hometown Göteborg. Since the release of their debut EP Drag me up, they have developed into being a hard touring band and have the last years freque...

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Miss Albatross

Roots in that soulful swagger of Texan Slow Rock mixed up with tripped up guitar-kinks that feels like a bad accident at the oil rig.

This is what you get when you find the nerve to introduce that "Gothenburg Grit" to patinated southern flair, the color blue and the belief in the everlasting gospel of rock'n'roll.

Swing high and kick back with some swedish soul, people. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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