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Vanderbuyst (NL)

Vanderbuyst was a Dutch Hard Rock band formed in 2008 by guitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice). He’s joined by Barry van Esbroek on drums and Jochem Jonkman on both bass and lead vocals. Vanderbuyst are a power trio that advocate a mix of 70s/80s Hard Rock, Classic Rock and early NWOBHM. Inspired by bands like UFO, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Van Halen, and ZZ Top, Vanderbuyst aren’t for you if you’re looking for the latest Nu-Metal and Gothic sounds. However, if you like your Hard Rock old school, Vanderbuyst is all you need.

Vanderbuyst’s first feat of arms was a 3-track EP (“Vanderbuyst”, September 2008), which was praised across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Besides the classic song writing, the EP was al...

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