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Lyctum (RS)

Lyctum is a solo progressive trance project of Dejan Jovanovic born in 1989 from Belgrade/Serbia. His into electronic music since the year 2002, and just one year later he start's with his own production under the name Prospect which was creating at that period of time sounds of psychedelic trance genre. Since then he produced many number of tracks and collaborations with some well known artist all over the world. He released music on alot of various labels, such as : Utopia records, Hommega productions PsyShark records, ALL records, Dimensional records, Push records, Parabola Music records, Geomagnetics records, Planet- b.e.n. records and many more. Since then his music has been evolving so much that he decided to stop with PsychedelicT...

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In the year 2004 Denis Bajramovski and Andreas Wennersköld teamed up and formed the psy/progressive project “Gaudium” which is a Latin word for satisfaction.

Both Denis and Andreas has similar background when it comes to music, they both began as Djs in the early dance era and took it all to higher level by starting producing their own music on the legendary Atari 1040STE.

Denis and Andreas has been involved in several underground music projects before they decided to start producing music together as Gaudium. The music they create can be described as funky psychedelic trance with a twist of progressive and techno.

The autumn of 2004 they decided it was time to try to get a record deal and after a lot of ...

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