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Mystifier (BR)

Black metal band from Salvador, Bahia, created in 1989.

1989. After playing on several bands in his home town (Death Vomit, Putrefaction, Corpus Christi, and others), Beelzeebubth decided to form his own band. Then he gathered some members from the old bands that he has taken part to complete the new band. They were: Meugninuosouan (vocalist), Behemoth (guitarist) and Lucifuge Rofocale (drummer).

For the next four months, they were composing stuff for their first releasing and also they were rehearsed extensively. The band recorded it's very first demo-tape in November of 1989 and was titled "Tormenting The Holy Trinity", with nine songs and a cover song, "Massacre", from Bathory. This was the first recording done...

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