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Club Devolution


Notice to Airmen

The ultimate rehearsal room is a hangar. In the summer playing with the gates open, the high vaulted ceiling is in itself impressive, breaking off against an even more majestic roof - the sky. A rock band is a rock band, is a rock band… How do Airmen sound? How about putting pop melodies in the center, hand in hand with exploded amplifiers, arsenals of FX and decisive, high pitched vocals? How about the reverb being maxed out to push the hangar walls into outer space? It's music for arenas, ambience in a bedroom; echoes in a mountain pass. Notice To Airmen consists of five young men. Everyone with a dream of becoming a pilot. Preferably within the Air Force, otherwise within charter travel. A dream halted within dreams. And it's with dre...

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Pohn Jettri