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Crooked Letter

Crooked Letter is a Gävle, Sweden based band founded in 2012 as a merge of a few local bands.

Considering the music genre, they could be tagged as 90's emo, hardcore and somewhat a kind of shoegaze as mentioned on their Facebook page.

They have released three EPs to date so far. The first one came out 3rd July 2013 and is available for free at:

Their second released came out 24th May 2014 through label Blackstarfoundation, a Swedish local DYI label. This release is available at:

Their third release called 'Blueprint' is available either at their bandcamp or Spotify.

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Mahlstrom (DE)

1) melodic yet raging death metal from Belgium
2) hardcore/emo/punk band from Stuttgart/Germany

Mahlstrom (BE):

Mahlstrom was formed in 2002 as a one-man-project.
Living up to this idea for more than 2 years,
Mahlstrom released its first mini-Album in July
2004.The "Nordlys" Mini-CD was recorded in the
Hollowtone Cabin, and featured Dan Swano and Filip
Dupont on vocals.
Since the release, a full line-up was formed with
members of Gorath and Ill Fares The Land.
Currently the band is on a break to write new songs
and have some rest! Hopefully, a new CD will arrive in
the beginning of 2008.

Mahlstrom (GER):

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