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Mahlstrom (DE)

1) melodic yet raging death metal from Belgium
2) hardcore/emo/punk band from Stuttgart/Germany

Mahlstrom (BE):

Mahlstrom was formed in 2002 as a one-man-project.
Living up to this idea for more than 2 years,
Mahlstrom released its first mini-Album in July
2004.The "Nordlys" Mini-CD was recorded in the
Hollowtone Cabin, and featured Dan Swano and Filip
Dupont on vocals.
Since the release, a full line-up was formed with
members of Gorath and Ill Fares The Land.
Currently the band is on a break to write new songs
and have some rest! Hopefully, a new CD will arrive in
the beginning of 2008.

Mahlstrom (GER):

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