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Bollnäs Metal Rules

Neuros Moonshiner


Gormathon started as a band in February 2009, by Stefan Jonsson (guitar), Tony Sandberg (drums) and Tony Sunnhag (bass and vocals). They began to write music based on the idea to create metal close to death metal and still maintain the melodies and harmonies that are fundamental to traditional Metal. In April 2009 they started to record the first tracks, and they put a lot of effort in recording the tracks on their own. In May 2009 they got into Studio Soundcreation in Bollnas to record the vocals, and later same month and to bring more life into their music, they invited Thomas Hedlund (Bass) and Peter Sonefors (Guitar) to join the band, and in June the band decided to release a three track demo, In July 2009 the band got played in Swed...

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Bloodbound are a 6 piece heavy metal band founded in 2004 by Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsson. Primary influnces include classic heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, and power metal bands such as Helloween and HammerFall.

Their debut album Nosferatu received attention from numerous magazines and websites, and has gained many positive reviews. Following this, Bloodbound played several shows in their home country, Sweden, and with well known metal bands such as Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Evergrey, and HammerFall.

In 2006, the follow up to their debut was released - "Book of the Dead" followed a simular direction as Nosferatu did, but featured a new member, Michael Bormann on vocals, originally the singer of Jaded ...

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Charles ”Chulle" Rytkönen - Vocals - (Morgana Lefay)
Christer Andersson - Guitar (Tad Morose)
Danne Eriksson - Keyboards (Tad Morose).
Tommi Karpannen - Bass - (Tad Morose, God Awful Machine)
Peter Moren - Drums - (Tad Morose, Steel Attack)

Inmoria started in April 2008 by former Tad Morose drummer Dan Eriksson.
He was away from the music scene for about 10 years when he suddenly felt the need to start writing music again.
So he bought studio equipment and built his own studio in his house in Bollnäs, Sweden.

At first, Dan played all the instruments by himself but he soon realized that what he needed was a full line up.
So he called up his long time friend Chris...

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