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Torsten Kanzler (DE)

Torsten Kanzler! Born in Wernigerode, raised in Sprötau. His first contact with music began in Thüringen. Bands such as Depeche Mode, Tocotronic or Technotronic influenced his increasing addiction to electronic music. Djs like Sven Väth, Daz Sound, and Pierre put him under their spell.

Another cornerstone of his career occurred in 1998. Marco Remus and his booking agency came into his life and he worked there as the booking agent until 2003. Also, in 2001 came his first platform for own releases on the label Nerven Records. He allowed himself to get carried away not only with stomping and oblique techno. Labels like Stigmata and CLR and artists like Robert Natus and Sven Wittekind also influenced his sets.

Finally ...

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