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Winter Dawn

We had our first gig with Anders and Henric on may 24th in Boda, and got some great response from the audience. On october 11th we released a new demo called "Beyond Redemption" consisting of 5 new tracks and a bonus track. In november, Hilda Geber joined Winter Dawn as a singer. We've now left good old Valla courthouse behind as a rehearsal place, and we now refer to Elvärket in Mariestad as our home. On november 27th we appeared on the local radio station P4 Skaraborg with "Angel in the Lake" and an interview with Anders. Hilda had her first gig with us in Gothenburg january 17th. After that gig we laid low on gigs for a couple of months while working harder on rehearsals and creating new songs. On july 4th we played at Törebodafestiva...

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