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Rundgång Fågelsång

Mattias Alkberg

Mattias Alkberg, born 8 januari 1969, is a swedish musician, songwriter and poet. He is guitarist and vocalistin the indie rock band The Bear Quartet, that released their first album in 1992, the same year as his first poetry collection, Separerade ägg ("Separated eggs"), was published. His swedish language band Mattias Alkberg BD saw success in 2004 when their first album was released. In 2009 he recorded the solo album Nerverna ("The Nerves").

Alkberg has published four poetry collections on Wahlström & Widstrand. He recieved an award from Svenska Akademien in 2004. Alkberg has also contributed as a chronicler and record reviewer in the newspaper Norrbottens-Kuriren.

Alkberg grew up in Tuna in Luleå but currently ...

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Organismen is the new name of the Swedish rapper Johan Hellqvist - formerly known as Organism 12. Organismen hails from Luthagen, Uppsala.


* 1998 – Full och förvirrad
* 1999 – Den där Herr Ågren
* 2001 – Bakom kulisserna
* 2002 – Ett hund
* 2004 – Petar på döda saker med pinnar
* 2005 – Garotta Di Ansjovis
* 2006 – Versioner vol. 1
* 2007 – Versioner vol. 2
* 2009 – Bill & Bull
* 2009 – Om gud vill och vädret tillåter
* 2010 – Högt I Tak Vol. 1
* 2010 – Marionetten
* 2012 – God Morgon Framtid
* 2014 – Alla Kungar Bär Inte Krona


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Naomi Pilgrim

Swedish/Barbadian chanteuse Naomi Pilgrim has just released her debut track “No Gun” and it is quite a delightful treat. While Pilgrim’s name may be unfamiliar to most, she has been establishing herself as a fledgling musician and backup vocalist for a while now, most notably for Lykke Li. “No Gun” is a soul-pop hybrid with Balearic undertones, making it as interesting and enigmatic as Pilgrim herself. The debut track is already heating up the charts over at the Hype Machine — last we checked it was sitting at #35 — so don’t be late to the party on this one! Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


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Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker

During his 20 years in the music business, Robert Pehrsson has worked with bands such as Runemagick, Thunder Express, Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, Slingblade, Nerconaut och Dagger.

Now he's making his solo debut with Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker. The self titled album has received universal acclaim and was recently named record of the month by German magazine Rock Hard. The Swedish newspaper Expressen listed the song as one of the best of the best of 2013.

The album was recorded at Gutterveiw Recorders in Stockholm. Contributing musicians on the record include friends Nicke Andersson, Dolf De Borst och Tomas Eriksson of Imperial State Electric; Peter Stjärnvind (Nifelheim, Black Trip), Joseph ...

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