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There are multiple bands with the name DETONATOR:

1)The most famous, also known as Detonator e as Musas do Metal (Detonator and the metal muses), is a comedy metal band, an off-shot of the Brazilian band Massacration. After the successful first album Metal Folclore: The Zoeira Never Ends the band dropped the "Musas do Metal" (which was used to refer (to) the fact that the band is formed by women, being the only male Detonator ( Bruno Sutter who also sung in Massacration and the classic underground death metal band Morbid Death . Alumni from Detonator include Paulitchas Carregosa (ex- Panndora) and Fernanda Lira from the Thrash Metal phenomenon Nervosa . As of 2016, the band includes, apart from Sutter, Attilio Negri (Aclla) ,...

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Set Before Us

5 Swedish guys started the melodic metalcore band Set Before Us almost still in the splendid fiery tail of New Year's Eve rockets just 24 hours after beginning of 2013. Born in fireworks, Set Before Us kept sparks on spraying through first single release ''Wildfire''.

The idea of Set Before Us is mainly to present a energetic and inspiring live show. The audience will be taken on a ride which will include various interactive moments and powerful songs. The songs themselves are melodic metalcore with numerous influences from other types of music.
Set Before Us lyrics aim to inspire and motivate each individual to take control of their fate, destiny and life. The lyrics will tackle various dilemmas and give the audience a ...

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