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Klubbkultur Sista Fredagen




Goloka are an ad’s man dream creating souled soundscapes and conceptual musical curves. They are Brighton yet they are like Bristol (in furs). They are Poland and they are chic. They are szykowny. They trip the tides to bring you an electronic tapestry, letting genres become threads as
they tailor their future slo grooves to fit. They are co. They are Pete Haywood; producer, songwriter, dj. They are Kasia ; producer, songstress, vixen. Together they are Goloka.

Their coupled creativity leads to the boudoir and beyond as they ensure Goloka’s qualities come to the fore and seduce the senses. “You’ve been a little bit more than a lover” isn’t just a lyric. It’s a statement of intense. And this album has it. Slip betw...

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