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Karl Olandersson

Karl Olandersson is a Jazz trumpet player, born in Hedemora, Sweden in 1978. Two years old he played his first notes on the trumpet with help from his father, and has been playing since then.

Is educated at the Royal School of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1997-2001. Since then he has done free lancing with a wide range of bands and constellations and in different music styles. But it is jazz that is closest to his heart. From trad via swing and bebop to the jazz of the sixties.

He has also played with Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Radiojazzgruppen with Magnus Lindgren, Ulf Johansson-Werre Big Band Explosion, Hector Bingert Latin Lover Big Band, Lennart Åberg Seven Pieces, Jan Slottenäs Storband, Mathias Algotsson Trio...

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