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There are multiple musical groups with the name Cikada:

1) A Swedish band.
2) A Norwegian contemporary music ensemble.

1) Cikada was a band from Gävle, Sweden in the mid-90s, centered around vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Jackson (b. 1976). They played a few gigs in Gävle and released a three-track CD single "Älvan" ("The Fairy") in 1994.
On the single, the lineup was Thomas Jackson (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica), Jöns Ahlén (drums, percussion, backing vocals), and Pia Påltoft (flute, backing vocals, fairy). Jackson and Ahlén had previously played together in the local band Galaxy.
Thomas Jackson has, among other things, played on Di Leva's 2000 album Älska, and released a so...

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