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Death Hawks (FI)

Death Hawks was put together in Riihimäki, Finland in the spring of 2010 to arrange and record songs by singer Teemu Markkula, but it soon metamorphosed into a real band. The band's intense live shows, with their psychedelic meanderings and in-your-face boogie, soon created an organic hype around the band. Death Hawks released their debut album Death & Decay in February 2012 through Tampere-based GAEA records and the self-titled second album came out September 2013.

Their references, or at least the most obvious ones, come from a variety of sources, from the blues to psychedelia, early heavy metal to krautrock, but there is no way you can all the sound pure retro. There is an overabundance of bands influenced by many of the sa...

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There are three bands named Katla.

1) Katla is a psychedelic rock band from Stockholm, founded in 2010.

2) Katla is a rock group from Joensuu, Finland. It was founded in 1999 by Tomi Räsänen and Ossi Kumpulainen. The name of the band, Katla, is the dragon in Astrid Lindgrens book Bröderna Lejonhjärta (Brothers Lionheart).

Current line-up:
Tomi Räsänen - vocals
Harri Kinnunen - guitar
Marko Snåre - guitar
Sami Maaranen - bass

3) Katla is an atmospheric rock/metal duo from Iceland formed by Guðmundur Óli Pálmason [ex-Sólstafir, ex-Potentiam] and Einar Eldur Thorberg Guðmundsson [Fortíð, Curse, ex-Potentiam]. Named after the Icelandic volcano of the same name. Read more on Las...

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