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Follow Him to the End of the Desert

Follow him to the end of the desert (FHTEOD) is a political one man Hip-Hop project located in the middle of Sweden.
With heavy beats, political rhymes and a quite outstanding live show FHTEOD often gets the attention from people outside the regular HipHop crowd.

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Along the highway, somewhere inbetween, maybe even after the highcoast of Norrland, a late summersday in the beginning of a descending decenium, we stumbled upon a old white church, scared and teared on the frontage by the seasons. Close to the sparsely-populated area of Bygdsiljum, where we decided to take a break, stretch our legs after hours driving in a stuffy rental car all morning.
Cafe Americana from a gasstation, some breadloaf, cigarettes, Linus got him self some cigars, non branded. This concept was dead, or atleast moldened, we had this feeling in our guts
that we had more to give then to face the stage with hollow material that we
couldnt put our own beliefs into, we wanted to flip the coin, make something we b...

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