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Stylo G (UK)

Stylo G is a grime and dancehall MC most famous within the grime scene for his track My Yout which is where most people heard Icekid for the first time. He spits in a yardie style.
Stylo G is from South London and Jamaican-born. He is part of The Digital Holdings, a London-based audio / visual production company.. Stylo G (Jason McDermott) was born on 16 July 1985, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, where he was also raised. He and his brother Kody Star (Crazy Cousinz) have been involved in UK music scene from arrival aged 15 writing tracks for various artists in the UK. He is known as the 'Hitmaker' since he has helped create some great hits for many talented artists in the UK. Growing up, his musical heroes were early 1990s ragga acts such...

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