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Beneath my Feet

Beneath My Feet is a modern metal band from Luleå, Sweden, with an exciting and interesting sound. Their set of two lead singers gives them the ability to mix clean vocals with aggressive variants of screaming vocals. The music itself is a melodic and progressive mix that offers rhythmic pounding riffs that grow into floating melodic sections. Their music is influenced by Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and 36 Crazyfists.

They've released 1 EP, 1 Single and 1 album:
Wake Up, Stand Up - EP (1st of August 2011)
The Color of a Thousand Sunsets - Single (4th of September 2013)
Origins (17th of March 2014)

They've toured together with Dead By April on their 'Let The World Know' tour.
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