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Justin Prime (NL)

Justin Prime
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Justin Prime (real name Justin Putuhena) is best described as a highly talented young kid on the block who follows some serious guidelines when it comes to his craft as a full time producer. Graduated as sound engineer at the University of Utrecht it leaves no doubt this guy knows what he's doing. Justin is currently working full time behind the scene with several top notch brands and people in the music industry.

And after being less than one year a DJ/Producer himself, he already can add a release to his discography for one of the most highly acclaimed labels in the world; Musical Freedom which is founded by no one else than Tiësto himself.

So when we say: Keep ...

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Tv Noise (NL)

After a period of successes, hitting the stages all around the globe and collaborations with the world’s biggest music legends, it has been remarkably silent around TV Noise. But nothing is as it seems; the boys choose to submerge themselves into in a period crammed with music.

There has been experimenting, there has been songwriting, there has been lots of producing. And finally, TV Noise is ready to turn the world beyond thrilled.

Starting off as a dance act, TV Noise’s musical blueprint has turned in a more poppy direction with a slight alternative touch. In contrast to their previous work, they decided to stay close to themselves and their personal taste in music. And so, songwriters and actual music instrument...

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