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Pistol Disco

There are two artists called Pistol Disco: (1) a swedish industrial duo. (2) a french indie pop band.

Pistol Disco (1) formed in 2004 and became loosely connected to the British noise-dance floor-terrorists V/Vm, releasing videos and a couple of tracks on compilations. During 2005 Pistol Disco released a numbers of CD-Rs and began playing frequently in various underground spots in Gothenburg. The work on the debut full-length record, titled Two, started out early 2006 and was finished just before the summer Europe Live AAid tour and the release of a 10” ep with the same name. Intensive work on the follow-up, to the critical acclaimed debut CD, started in the end of 2006 and just before the summer 2007 Pistol Discos most ...

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