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Wasteland Skills

Wasteland Skills was based in Kristianstad, Sweden autumn of 2008[/yearformed, but it wasn't until early in 2009 that Andreas Ohlsson joined the band as their singer after a long journey over the world.

The original members that founded the band is Andreas Pettersson on guitar and Linus Pettersson on drums, the two guys that also founded the metalcore band SawYouDrown. Though their similar lastname they aren't related.

Wasteland Skills managed to play three concerts before it was time to find a new bassplayer and a new guitar player. August of 2009 Fredrik Svensson (ex-Scorned Disciple) began to play guitar and in September Fredrik Rosdahl (ex-Blind) picked up the bass in the band.

Four songs were recorde...

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Under Your Bed

The story of Under Your Bed started out as “let’s see what happens” which quickly evolved into “let’s see how far we can push this thing”. From early on each member of the band felt that what they were attempting to do meant something, that it was important to see this thing through. It’s a huge responsibility when you realize you have something great and yet fragile on your hands. However making it blossom correctly wasn’t hard once the band had settled on the right cast.

From the beginning this story was all about teamwork. Singer Elissa Sapp and guitarist Jim Marchione began their partnership in what would become Under Your Bed in September of 2005 when Jim spotted Elissa at an open mic. “She was this tiny little girl with ...

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Reason to Regret