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The Mescaline Babies (IT)

At the end of 2009 Sydney Mars (ex-Suicideathome, Broken Time Structure) and Kalle (ex-Enkil's Eye, Sleepy Crowd) decide to start a band that has nothing to do with their former projects. Basing on their common passion for bands like Scarlet’s Remains, Christian Death and Mephisto Waltz, they record a bunch of pieces at home: “The Mescaline Babies” are born. After few months they complete the line-up with Daniele (bass) and Luca (drums), and now are recording their first EP at the Overground production’s studio. The Mescaline Babies proposes a deathrock assault between the american sound and the european one, wich conjugates shimmering gothic atmospheres with the genuine vehemence of punk. Read more on . User-contributed text is...

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