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A Silent Escape

From the ashes of the successful Swedish band "UNION SQUARE"
rises a new band with ambitions of taking its music to new heights.
Whith a history of 11 years on the swedish punkrock/metal scene the
band has become well known for being a great energetic and explosive live act.
The band has done tons of shows and tours throughout the years(Europe,USA)
supporting bands like Sonic Syndicate,Funeral for a friend,Dead by April,ADEPT
among others.

The band won awards for best unsigned swedish liveact on
the biggest rock radio station in Sweden called Bandit rock
and best nordic unsigned band in a MTV competition.
They've allready had 2 music videos on a rotationon MTV Sweden & ZTV <...

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Chasing Neverland


From the core of successful bands such as Seven Days Story and The Walk, comes Directive. Fed by the experience of performing in numerous national television shows and playing large festivals, these musicians came to realize that only by starting fresh and forming this hybrid group, every aspect of their musical visions could be covered.

Band Members:
Pär Hildebrand - Vocals
Alexander Jogbratt - Bass
Tim Rönnborg - Drums
Christian Ambrosius - Guitars/Vocals
Fredrik Baltzer - Guitars Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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What Tomorrow Brings

The first pieces of the W.T.B puzzle were put in place when Christoffer Andersson (former growler of By Night and DØDZ) decided to step away from the microphone and concentrate on the guitar.
He teamed up with childhood buddies Kristoffer Karlsson (drums), Per Bengtsson (bass) and Daniel Jenssen (guitar).

A couple of songs were recorded but the lack of a singer was in dire need to be adjusted.
They had a couple of tryouts, but no one really matched as their lead singer.
Thanks to Mikael M (a local studio technician and also a friend of the band) they got in contact with Kristoffer Bäcklund (former drummer of Sonic Syndicate) and the audition was a success.

Now the pieces seemed to fall into place, b...

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