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The Fractured Europe Tour - Stockholm

Knotwork (US)

There are 2 bands called Knotwork:

1) Knotwork was a short-lived emo band from PA.
Knotwork's members were Beau Brendley (Who also played in Miles to Failure, Kill the man who Questions, R.A.M.B.O., the curse), Jon Pepe (i hate you), Steve Ferrell (kid dynamite) and Vince Maskie.

While the earlier Knotwork recordings (circa 92-93) were more influenced by early 1990's straight edge hardcore bands like face value and encounter, the recording of the 7" shows a more mature and emotional sound, not unlike bands like strictly ballroom or embassy.

They released a Self-Titled cassette in 1993 and a Self-Titled 7" on Kids Dream Records (#003) in 1995.

2) Knotwork is a folk project formed by Michael...

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Fire & Ice (US)

1) Fire & Ice is a hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They are inspired by such bands as Burn, Leeway and other New York Hardcore.

2) Fire & Ice is a trance formation consisting of Laurent Véronnez aka L-Vee and Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire.

They met at Love Parade '97 and after a long talk decided to do a project together, with focus on producing "emotional trance". Their first single "Lost Emotions" hit Europe by storm and is still one of their biggest hits so far. After that first one, other big hits followed : "What you are for me/Out of Darkness", "Beyond my control", "Neverending Melody" and "Forever Young".

Their single "Lost Emotions 2001" made them big in Germany and Switzerland. They belo...

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Blood Axis