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Ferry Tayle (FR)

French producer & DJ Ferry Tayle was born in 1982. His first musical experience was with jazz. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 7. He became interested in electronic music by discovering Jean-Michel Jarre's first album. After 14 years of jazz music he decided to move into electronic music. He bought his first decks in 1999 and began to DJ. In 2000, he took his first steps in his professional development in the biggest club in the east of France called "Le Colysée". In just one year he had the chance to share the decks with some big names like Cosmic Gate, Darude, U96 and very well known French house DJ, David Guetta.

Later, he met and became friends with Nicolas "Cosmic Dreams", DJ & founder of Elektro-Shock, a F...

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Matt Bukovski (PL)

Matt Bukovski (b. 1992) is a classically trained Polish producer and
composer who started composing music since he was eight. He wrote his first works for piano but soon started experimenting with other instruments, especially organ and strings and symphonic orchestration. He composed lots of orchestral pieces that were awarded in many international and Polish composer competitions.

When he discovered trance and other electronic genres, he got addicted and started producing his own tracks. His tunes are mainly uplifting and melodic and usually inspired with classical compositions. His aim is to blend the best characteristics of both classical and trance music to create quality, timeless tracks. Read more on . Use...

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Darren Porter


Stana aka Aram Alnashéa (1989) young as he is can look back on his remarkable success with over 30 single releases and remixes on several renowned record labels over the past 2 years! Releasing on such labels as Detox Records, Kiddfectious Records, IHDS and many more Stana started like a rocket out of nowhere.
Known now for his nickname “Tech Maniac” Stana began to air a radio show on the famous radio page entitled The Tech Maniac Show. Downloaded thousands of times and gathered fans all over the world the show has featured some of the world’s biggest artists in interviews and guest mixes.

In July 10 Stana started his own label Tech Maniac Records where he hit the top 5 trance charts and received massive support all...

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