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This group was formed in the autumn of 2000. In the beginning the name of the band was uncertain but at the moment that really didn’t matter. The most important thing was to make up their minds of which role each and one of them should have. Not even their music sounded as it does today. Generally covers were their priority because they wanted to be as good as possible both individually and as a band.
The start of their own musical composing began during the years 2002-2003.
Mia (the guitarist) brought some own-written songs and this was the birth of “4-ever“. This episode was also the kick-off as a live-band. The gigs just rolled in and they became more and more accepted, which surprised both them and others with a negative ...

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Lillasyster (Swedish for "Little sister") is a band, formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 2006. The band was created when Martin Westerstrand started to write songs in Swedish for the first time, since the chorus of “Sug Min” with LOK was written the day before New Years' Eve of 2001. In the spring of 2006, he got enough and could not hold the words inside any longer. That's when the first song started to take shape.

Soon there was a bunch of songs that turned out to be straight forward, strange and good. Daniel Cordero from big brother LOK, plus Ian-Paolo Lira and Max Flövik from cousin Rallypack were soon a part of the band, and then they were four.

One small and fat guy
One short, fat and hairy guy
One short a...

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