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Nice Peter

Augmented by serious musicianship, Nice Peter's hysterical original acoustic based pop songs are a terrific change of pace for any modern music lover. Trained at the Improv Olympic in Chicago, Pete Shukoff brings his improv comedy experience to the rock and roll stage. Audiences across the US and UK are laughing, dancing, and raving about this one-of-a-kind act with a truly unique live experience.

"Hailing from up-state New York, this was Chicago-based Nice Peter's U.K. debut, kicking off a tour extending from darkest Barrow to deepest Devon. He specializes in a uniquely infectious brand of intelligent yet refreshingly scatological comic observation, accompanying himself with some proficient guitar-work that takes in a range o...

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The Jackpot Golden Boys

From face melting, brain busting nipples biting heaviness to a melodic relaxing massage via your ears, the jackpots music twists and turns like an magical intestine full of gold.

The band have been described as a heavy metal beach boys due to their heavy guitar riffs and 4 part vocal harmonies,. Though there is much more to the jackpots than devil horns and surf boards..

The band have been gathering an underground following over the past 3 years and hope to scoop up more fans while touring this summer after putting the finishing touches and sprinkling a little gold dust over their new Sweets and Creeps E.P. Which is released on their self funded Label 'Duckmaggot Records'

Sweets n creeps is a mischievou...

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