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Melt-Banana (JP)

Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock group founded in 1992 by friends attending Tokyo University of Foreign Language. Their hyperactive music palette draws influences from experimental rock, grindcore, no wave, psychedelic, hardcore punk, and post-punk.

Melt-Banana has released 9 full-length albums, (Including a re-release of a very early improvised and studio tracks, and a compilation of EPs) and 23 EPs (a number of which are splits with other bands). In 1997 they created their own recording company, A-Zap, and re-issued all of their previously released albums, except Scratch or Stitch, which can be found on the noise rock record label Skin Graft Records. One month later Sudoh quit, and the band has had different drummers h...

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Popsimonova (HR)

Popsimonova; Croatian artist active in the music scene since 2006, as one of founding members of the electro band Dekolaz (author of music).
Dekolaz in the past performed on many shows in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Europe, and also on the Exit festival in Novi sad, Elektrana stage (2007).
In the year 2008, after the break up of Dekolaz, she started her solo project Popsimonova.
Live sets are performed with a laptop, synth and live vocals.
Her first solo release, „Obrisi“, is available on the new Enfant Terrible compilation, Radio Resistance. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply...

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Dorcelsius (FR)


Batalj is a Swedish noise rock band based in Berlin, Germany that was originally formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 2009.

With distorted analog synthesizers accompanied by frantic drum assaults, effect-drenched guitar arrangements and shrieking vocals the four-piece concocts a barely comprehensible soundscape of deformed rythms, riffs, blasts, bleeps and more or less controlled chaos. Taking their cues from diverse musical damaged goods hailing from hardcore punk all the way through to harsh noise Batalj creates a truly furious and highly inventive sonic assault.

The past three years the band has extensively toured Europe and United Kingdom, played shows alongside bands such as Child Abuse, Melt-Banana, Staer, Retox and...

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