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Saved By Insanity


Attitude Musical Project

AMP was formed in the end of 2003 in Stockholm by the initiative of Pelle "Burner" Nilsson.
Burner formed the band togheter with bassplayer Bjorn Elenfors and found the drummer Janne Johansson.
In December -03 after 5 rehearsals together they took the first step in to the studio and recorded 4 songs(demo called "30 Years too late").

April 29 -04 the first official gig with AMP took place att Tantogarden in Stockholm togheter with some other bands.
The reception was exceptional and some comments from the other bands that came on after was:
-Okay... so what the fuck should we do now?!

During 2004 AMP made several gigs around Stockholm area, and another studio session resulting in the demo "AMP...

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