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Good Harvest

Maeve O'Boyle (UK)

Maeve "Mona" Monica O'Boyle (6 October 1987, Glasgow) is a Scottish musician, signed to Linn Records. Aged 21, her unique blend of melodic pop, folk and rock have already won the acclaim of many established musicians and lovers of music.


Indeed, contributors on her forthcoming debut album include:

Legendary Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm; Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue, James Blunt); Gordon Goudie (Echo and the Bunnymen); John McLaughlin (Busted, Westlife, Shane MacGowan); Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits) John McCusker (Kate Rusby,Roddy Woomble, Transatlantic Sessions).

Rise to Prominence

Performing from an early age, Maeve first came to prominence in 2006 whe...

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