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Avant Garde

By the Way


The Violence

There are two bands called The Violence, one is a rock band. The other The Violence is a Punk Rock group from Bomb City, Oklahoma (otherwise known as Oklahoma City)

Started by Ryan Violence, they started playing shows late in the summer of '04. The original line up was,
Tyler NdN (vocals)
Tanner Beers (guitar and vocals)
Ryan Violence (drums)
and Vinton Von Bayne aka Jeff Flesheater (bass).

Soon after forming we recorded a six song E.P. known as the "Skull & Backbones E.P." and had an old friend rejoin the band and start playing shows, Chris Witt was now rippin lead guitar.

Shows came and went, many of which were played with The Misled. After playing what seemed like an infinite amoun...

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Castor Troy

Three bands under the name of Castor Troy.

The First (and current) one is an experimental/hardcore/metal band from Plymouth,UK

the 2nd is a hardcore band from the UK. (Now Split Up)

Castor Troy (UK) Released their début EP "This City Will Destroy Us" on Calculon Records early 2007

The last band being screamo and from Wisconsin, US. Castor Troy (US) broke up in 2005 after a series of compilation releases and the independent release of two ep's (2002 & 2004). Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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