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Dusty Road Blues Festival Tidaholm

Erja Lyytinen (FI)

In the past few years, Erja Lyytinen has taken the international music scene by storm. She’s a young, talented singer/songwriter and exceptional guitarist who plays everything from dobro to slide guitar. "But the guitar – or any instrument for that matter – is there just to support the story that I'm always trying to tell with a song", she says.

Erja was born to a musical family in Kuopio, a little town in the middle of Finland. At the age of 15 she was performing with her parents – singing and at first playing the violin and later the electric guitar. "People always wonder how a girl picked up the guitar. But being from a musical family – my mother is a bassist and my father a guitarist – I don't think that's a far stretch," ...

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Clas Yngström

Swedish blues/rock band similar to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Most albums by Sky High or Clas Yngström/Yngstrom will be presented under the artist name Clas Yngström & Sky High here at

After numerous line-up changes over the years, and the only constant member, guitarist/singer Clas Yngström in front, the band Sky High continues to perform powerful bluesrock.

Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1978, Clas Yngström & Sky High released albums all through the 80's, and the most commersial sucessfull album to date, Humanizer in 1987. Although their breakthrough album, called Freezin' Hot (released in the summer of 1985) made Sky High a household name in Sweden and Scandinavia. In the 80's, the...

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Niko Riippa (FI)

Niko Riippa (born June 2, 1972 in Nedervetil Finland) - Guitar player and composer.

As a founding member of Europes leading blues band, The Wentus Blues Band, Niko Riippa has done more than 3000 gigs in 15 countries and 7 albums and 2 solo albums on his own, first one being Bohemian Breakfast Bar (2003).

Niko Riippas second record “Flying Circus” is an instrumental story from beginning to end. Together with the experienced collegues Robban Hagnäs (bass) and Robert Skoglund (drums) he has recorded nine brand new tracks. Flying Circus has been a work in progress for 3-4 years and is the follow up to “Bohemian Breakfast Bar” (2003). On “Flying Circus” tones and rhythms from the world of blues and roots are freshly mix...

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Bb & the Blues Schacks (DE)

Bäckstage Blues Band