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Lagerloudz (DK)

White Trash Presidents

Falling Red (DK)

In an industry of manufactured one hit wonders, Falling Red, have produced quite possibly the most vital Rock album since Guns N Roses delivered Appetite For Destruction. Super-charged high octane anthems that take you to the sleazy side of town, intoxicate you, then kick your ass UFC style. Falling Red aren't Saturday evening family entertainment, they are a glimpse back to the heady, rebellious days (or daze) of 70s Punk & 80s Sunset Strip. They have that essential raw energy that demands attention because you just know their undying enthusiasm is going to take them to the hearts of a brand new generation of Rock fans. Songs such as "How You Feel (on me)", "Out Of Control" & "You Were Out To Get Me" are screaming to hit Rock Radio's pl...

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