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Structural Disorder

STRUCTURAL DISORDER is a five-piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The members of the band met at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm, Sweden during the fall of 2011 and started to write on the the material that turned out to be the EP "A PRELUDE TO INSANITY".
STRUCTURAL DISORDER consists of MARKUS TÄLTH (Guitar/Vocals), HJALMAR BIRGERSSON (Guitar/Vocals), JOHANNES WEST (Accordeon/Vocals),ERIK ARKÖ (Bass/Vocals) och KALLE BJÖRK (Drums).
A PRELUDE TO INSANITY makes the introducing chapters of the story of a man who suffers from a severe psychosis after finding out that he is about to be
a father for the first time in his life. The psychosis manifests itself as a voice that commands the man to kill his pr...

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Seventh Wonder

Arising from the ashes of the band Mankind, SEVENTH WONDER found its beginnings in the friendship of Mankind’s drummer Johnny Sandin, bass player Andreas Blomqvist and guitarist Johan Liefvendahl, who, left without songs to play or a name to call themselves, chose to stay together and form a group based in Stockholm. Motivation and faith overcame the obstacles, and material began to form and amass, in the then untested, and now standard form of a band effort, jamming and thinking up songs together at rehearsals. These rehearsals also saw the music shift toward the heavier shades, and a large vein of progressive influence also made its way into the band’s mentality. The new style grew on everyone and so began the search for a keyboard pla...

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