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Rosario Smowing

The band Rosario Smowing started in 2000 by Diego Javier Casanova and some other local musicians from Rosario in Argentina. Their music is a mix of swing, ska, jazz, mambo, rockabilly, dixie, tango, bolero and more - very dance friendly party music most people can't stand still to. The first EP was named "Rosario ya no es lo que era" (Rosario ain't no more the way it used to be) with three studio songs and two live songs. The first full length album was "Volumen 1" in 2003, in 2007 came "Si siempre estoy llegando" and in 2011 "Se Mueve".

Rosario Smowing in 2013 is:
Lucas Polichiso: Piano, Accordion
Sergio Peresutti: Trumpet, Harmonica, Backgorund Vocals
Fluck: Trombone, Bombardino, Background Vocals

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