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Gothenburg Deathfest 2014

Goretrade (CO)

Between 2000 and 2001, GORETRADE begins to get known among the brutal metal scene in Colombia, by playing in a lot of shows and festival.

Also between those years the band records their first two musicals productions. The first “Split CD” with the Colombian band CARNAL and the second “Split CD” with the Italian band CORPSEFUCKING ART known in the market as ZOMBIECRONOMICON.

In 2003 the band sign with the European record label DISPLEASED RECORDS becoming one of the few Colombian band with this support, under the same roof with bands like Cryptopsy, Deeds of Flesh, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Necrophagia, Sadus, among others.

Also in that year GORETRADE travel to New York - USA, to record their 3° studio al...

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Amputated (UK)

Amputated formed in the Spring of 2002, comprising the line up of Morbid Mark (Vocals), Daryl BC (Rhythm Guitar), Simon (Lead Guitar), Sicky Martin (Bass) and Garry (Drums). They had all known each other from the local Bristol scene and got together after the demise of their previous bands, which coincidently happened around the same time. The bands' primary aim was to become the sickest and most brutal band to hit the Bristol metal scene.

Influences included bands such as Nunslaughter, Gorerotted, Exhumed, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse--but more and more noticeable as the band gained experience--was the increasing presence of more brutal influence from bands such as Lividity, Devourment, Vaginal Jesus, Disgorge (USA and Mex). Als...

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Necrosis (UK)

There are at least 26 bands with the name Necrosis

1). Thrash Metal Band from Chile. Formed in 1985, is one of the pioneer thrash metal bands of that country, obviously something very uncommon for a country ruled by a dictatorship. Their first album was recorded and published in 1988, The search had aggresive and menacing riffs with a simple but deep voice with a clear message. They band split up in 1991 after Alfredo Peña’s suicide, they had a brief reunion in 1999 and they reformed the band again in 2001 for a second album called “Enslaved to the machine”, even after ten years the music didn’t change so much, but the production and the sound quality was better than before. The band is recording their third studio album now, ...

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Soils of Fate

Soils of Fate is a Swedish brutal death metal in the American style, fused with excellent solos and a good amount of catchiness among the groove and slams. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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