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Cajsa Siik

Swedish chanteuse Casja Siik is something of a unsung gem in Nordic music. With glitter-gulleted vox and indie panache she churns out stunning melodic content and rocky twinges.

Hot off the back of releasing her latest studio album ‘Contra’ in October last year, Swedish singer-songwriter Cajsa Siik stepped into 2015 with the announcement of three new singles, “Follow You Down” (as featured on Criminal Minds), “State Of Low” (as featured on The Royals) and “Change Of Heart”

With ‘Contra’ receiving unanimous acclaim from the likes of Noisey, NME and BBC 6Music, Cajsa Siik has now looked to cement herself as one of the standout voices for the year ahead. While ‘State Of Low’ showcased the effervescent side to her prod...

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Behind the Nuoli Movement is the Swedish musician and producer Fanny Hultman Salinder. Fanny took an interest in music in her early childhood, growing up side by side with a father who played the guitar and piano for her. What started out as a jam-session between a father and his daughter soon turned into a great interest for Fanny and she won her first scholarship merely at the age of seventeen. At the age of eighteen she participated in a documentary about female upcoming musicians made by the Swedish television channel, TV4, and a year later she won her second scholarship.

After studying music during three years she graduated as a musician and producer. At the age of twenty she created her own trademark, Nuoli, and release...

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iida heard music for the first time when she as a child was brought along to listen to her parents playing Swedish folk music. She became enchanted by the haunting, melancholic sound of the music and started to play the violin at the age of five. It didn’t take long before she discovered her own voice and how she could use it to fill the gaps and spaces around her.

In 2008 iida came to Stockholm to study and work with music. iida studied both classical singing, and the african american singing genres and style, as well as violin for folk music and pop. And right there, iida´s music dwells. Her songs are like an open journey between these two fields of music. A journey with great flow and lots of energy. And to be completely ho...

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