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Behrang Miri


Charismatic singer of nu-jazz band Misnoma, this feisty English-Algerian singer-songwriter has released her debut solo album “of that ilk”. She performs with live loops of organic instruments: voice, guitar, bass, vocal percussion and a collection of ethnic instruments picked up on her many travels, all played by her and manipulated using the super-programme LIVE. The album showcases some of Barcelona's top-notch musicians: Nico from Calima, Esteban Matuke from Clan Matuke, James Reid from Misnoma. Ayesha transports us to a world that can only be her own. With touches of electro-funk, ethereal choirs, catchy tunes and ethnic folk using rhythms recorded at home using anything that creates an interesting sound (scissors, wine glasses, chop...

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Houman Sebghati

Houman Sebghati is a swedish hiphop artist from Stockholm Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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”This group has truly been an inspiration to me (…)” – Amir Sulaiman (US) Def Jam Poet, 2010.

Apart from the international sound of melodic acoustic soul, it is the intelligent angle on social and societal issues that really makes up the essence of S.T.I.C.S.

S.T.I.C.S. or Sound That Inspires Conscious Souls, have managed to inspire and provoke their audience with lyrics and music that challenges the boarders of acoustic soul, hip-hop and spoken word. S.T.I.C.S. consists of four members who in 2004 merged their individual cultural backgrounds and musical influences from Bosnia, Denmark, Zanzibar & Sweden. They have since then been performing around the world from Beijing to London, warming up for the legendary acts ...

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