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Bodyfest 2014

Borghesia (SI)

Borghesia is a Slovenian band that had its heyday in the eighties.
Its members were/are Aldo I., Lado J., Borut K., Niklas S., Dario S. and Tom T.
The band/group was formed 1982 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, by some students as a spin-off of the experimental theatre project "FV 112/15". They had their own place where they performed and arranged concerts. Among other things Borghesia organised Laibach's first public appearance.
Borghesia's image is antiauthoritarian and anti-nationalistic. However, they emphasise different forms of submission and coercion, not just political, but also sexual by nature. Being part of the militant gay scene of the 80's Borghesias visual image, for example on their record covers, ...

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Dupont are an electronic music band from Sweden.
Formed in 1999 with Joham Damm on the vocals and Danucci and Riccardo as the electronic musicians.
hey release their first single 'Behave' under the German label Lip Records though their first album 'Ukrania' only released in 2001. The band made a musical shift to electro-pop in 2005 when Riccardo replaced Joham on vocals and they released their second album 'Intermezzo'. In addition to some singles and EPs, the band released their third album in 2009, farther going into the genre of electro-pop.

Despite droping the more straight forward and raw sound of EBM, the band often plays their old hits during concerts, several times accompanied by Johan Damm.

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Wulfband is a Swedish EBM project which shook the world with its debut release and concert in 2014. Longing back to the late 70's and early 80's to bring forth the early industrial and NDW scene from Germany, the band made it sound fresh and powerful with tons of attitude. Can also be fittingly described as the wolf, which sneaks out from the dark and attacks you. But instead of fangs that pierce you their weapon is crushing beats and driving bass lines with aggressive and deranged vocals. Music that rushes, strikes and thrusts until you submit totally.

Signed on Progress Productions, their debut album release resulted in several other concert gigs in Sweden and other requests to play abroad, such as the legendary Familientre...

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A Split Second (BE)

A Split Second is a Belgian electronic and industrial band.
A Split Second is simply too good to be ignored, and from their conception in 1985 it didn't take the world long to acknowledge the importance of Marc ICKX's and Chrismar CHAYELL's unique musical vision.

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A Split Second's first American release, the 1987 EP A Split Second, collected highlights from their early European releases, which included Ballistic Statues (which featured the tense masterpiece "Close Combat"), Smell of Buddah as well as their innovative EBM classic, "Flesh".

The second album, 1988's ...From the Inside, remains one of the underappreciated classics of late-80s industrial music. Beginning with the roc...

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The Cassandra Complex

The Cassandra Complex are an influential electronic rock group formed by Rodney Orpheus and Paul Dillon in 1984, in which year they also released their first single. Over the years, the band's sound has included elements of EBM, Industrial, Goth Rock, new wave and synthpop.

In 2007, the band played several shows in Europe & South America with its original lineup of Rodney Orpheus, Paul Dillon, and Andy Booth, plus the addition of Volker Zacharias of Girls Under Glass. Their show at WGT Festival in Leipzig will be released as the live album "A Thousand Points of Light". The same lineup will play some more shows in 2010.

Rodney is on as rodneyorpheus, and Paul is bpaul.


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